ABC Honduras
Class 2010

Mis PrimeraSEXplicaciones para Adolescentes (for parents of teens)

Book for parents
The focus groups consulted during the preparation of the book for teens, clearly stated that those who have the greatest responsibility to discuss sexual and reproductive health, sex and sexuality with their children are the parents.

This is why the book initiates by providing tips and insights as to why, when and how talk about sex with their children, so that any dialogue, may it be about sex or other topics can be mastered with ease.

This is followed by a chapter on human values that guide our lives and hence our sexuality.

Last but not least the reader will find insights on specific teen related challenges, including group pressure and how to overcome it.

At the very end, a hotline of questions and answers, reflecting those asked by real parents during focus group discussions might proves useful in putting personal issues in another perspective.