ABC Honduras
Class 2010

Mis PrimeraSEXplicaciones

Book for teenagers
This book is written in a colloquial style and contains many full color illustrations and photos. It is organized in seven main chapters that begin by explaining basic sexual and reproductive male and female body functions preceded by an introduction to human values that guide our life and hence all that is related to our sexuality.
Teens will also find insights about the importance of their self esteem for autonomous decision making, especially when it comes to risk prevention.
Of course sex and sexuality are core topics that can be found in chapter 4, followed by valuable tips and data on risk prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, including Aids.
Before becoming pregnant there are some key questions to ask oneself that can be found in chapter 6 which also stresses the importance of regular health check up during pregnancy and possible risks and their prevention.
Chapter 7 is dedicated to domestic violence, how to detect a potentially violent boy or girlfriend, consequences of violence, what a victim can do and where help can be found. To make sure readers can use the book as an action tool, the last part contains a directory of organizations that can help defend their rights and answer additional questions. The glossary and a list of laws issued specially to defend their rights, at the very end of the book, might prove useful to the reader as well.