ABC Honduras
Class 2010

Archive 2007

December 2007

The former civil servant Franz Toaspern (2004/05) visited the project.

Summer 2007 – Autumn 2007

During the summer Laurence McCormick visited ABC-Honduras. She spent almost 2 months helping us with the school and the training center.
We also welcome our new two volunteers Moritz and Florent from Germany and the new teacher.

Anaité, Laurance, Mortiz, Florent

17.06.2007 – 18.06.2007

We made a wonderful excursion to the Cayos Cochinos with the kids of the Escuela República de Francia and the next day I made a little party at the river, because it was my last day in the project. I had a really nice time with ABC-Honduras. Good bye, Henning!

Cayos Cochinos



We celebrated the Mother's Day of the Escuela Republica de Francia! It was a nice party with food, music and games. The children sang some songs and read poetry. Everyone enjoyed this pleasant time.

Mother's Day 12.05.2007

Mother's Day 12.05.2007


This week a Medical-Day took place in our little school. The nurse from Pital came to administer inoculations, give vitamins and teach/inform the ABC-Kids about diseases and hygiene.




The new school year has started and all of the children are very excited!Especially the little Mario (left bottom corner). All of the 18 children will receive classes in the same room, beacuse there will be only one teacher and one volunteer this year. Furthermore we have built a nice new raft, because the old one was taken away by the river.

New School Year 2007

29.01.2007 – 31.01.2007

Successfully we handed out the school uniforms for the next year and cleaned the school building. Finally everything is ready for the new school year!

handing out uniforms

cleaning the school