ABC Honduras
Class 2010

Archive 2009

April 2009

After the children had one week vacations because of the Semana Santa (the easter week) we sent the children of the primary school to a medical examination which took place at the center of health in the little rural community Yaruca.


March 2009

On a nice warm day we left the school to go swimming at the river.
As you can see, we had a lot of fun!


February 2009

There is a lot of trash in the rural communities and around. The people here do not have an ecological awareness and throw their waste in the nature. We instructed our children to bring plastic bottles to the school with the final objection to recycle them. After 2 weeks we collected about 2500 plastic bottles, which is a great success. In exchange for each bottle they receive a small chocolate candy.
From El Portillo the plastic bottles are brought to the community “Las Mangas”.
In Las Mangas lives a handicapped man whose name is Joel. He will clean the bottles and remove the lids. Finally they are carried to a recycling company in La Ceiba.




In the beginning of February the students received from ABC Honduras, financed by you as the sponsors, two pairs of uniforms and school materials.

New Uniforms