ABC Honduras
Class 2010

Seré Madre y yo Padre, un diario de 9 meses

Sere madre
This book is written in a colloquial style and contains many full color illustrations and photos.

It begins by explaining how a new life comes to be, previously succinctly describing reproductive and sexual body functions and then illustrates every month of the pregnancy accompanied by technical input and the diary of Maria, the story teller. Risk prevention during pregnancy, personal care, beauty and well being are followed by details on what you need to know about giving birth and a list of names that might inspire future moms and daddies. Key insights on responsible maternity and paternity, risk prevention for the newly born, are followed by a brief description of birth control methods that are available in Honduras.

Maria, Patricio and their family members are fictitious characters who will accompany the reader throughout the book. Although the reader might not share their opinions or attitudes, the idea is to trigger family and/or couple discussions that enhance true dialogue and mutual understanding.