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Class 2010

Volunteer for ABC Honduras

What we expect from our volunteers and what they can expect in return

Our volunteers are given responsibilities. That means that specific tasks that are necessary to carry out these responsibilities are identified by the volunteer him or herself. So far, most of our volunteers have come through ICYE. Some have found us individually. The great majority is still in touch with the project and might even answer any questions you have. Each of them has made a very personal contribution to the project and those who intensively engage in community relations are dearly remembered by the children and their parents to this day.

What we expect   What our volunteers get in return

Primary School
  • Establish links to the families of our children and identify possible risks (parents become sick, domestic violence etc.)
  • Inform sponsors on children academic progress and family situation with regular updates
  • Help academic staff with children who have specific needs in class
  • Ensure that food is there for all meals
  • Assist academic staff with school preparation at the beginning of school year (purchase and distribution of material, fittings etc.) and extracurricular activities such as excursions, sport competitions etc.
  • Contribute to basic school maintenance (paint the school, repair chairs etc.)
  • English class (based on methodology of Colegio El Rey)
  • Our volunteers are completely integrated in the ABC team planning and operational activities. They are not left alone, yet benefit from a significant degree of autonomy to design their day to day activities.
  • Special interests are always considered and if possible integrated in daily work.
  • Many have received family and friends visits in the project apartment and stay interested in the project for years after leaving. Some have even returned to visit friends and their new ABC family.

Secondary (High) School
  • Establish links to the families of our children and identify possible risks (parents become sick, domestic violence etc.)
  • Regular follow up on academic progress with high school teachers and inform ABC staff and sponsors
  • Learn another language and culture, and obtain a better understanding on basic issues of human development.
  • Experience the exceptional beauty of the caribbean and the warmth of their people.

Domestic issues

Volunteers live independently in an apartment close by the project on a private property owned by ABC staff. They are expected to cook and clean up after themselves. At all time they are an example to the children. Smoking and drinking is not allowed.

house of volunteers

Contact our past volunteers:

(2008/09) Moritz Hebebrand, Germany: hebebrand.m(at)
Moritz Moritz ABC Honduras is a great project, which is found in astonishing nature inhabited by most friendly peasants. As a volunteer I learned a lot about people, about cultural differences, about poverty, about life and finally about myself. You comprehend to aprecciate your normal and developped environment, while it changed my view on the society in my homecountry Germany. All in all it was an amazing year and an overwhelming and unforgettable life experience.

(2008/09) Timm Koennecke, Germany: timm155ole(at)
Timm Timm I didn’t know what to expect from ABC Honduras, but it turned out to be an amazing year. We volunteers also got a lot of responsibility and trust and had the possibility to bring in our own ideas. Because of the diversified work I learnt so many things in almost every aspect of life and working with the kids always was a lot of fun. I am very happy that I decided to volunteer with ABC Honduras.

(2007/08) Florent Kaiser, France: floruf(at)
Florent Florent What I brought to the project? A year of passionate work, a person of confidence and just a friend for all people in the project. What has been done during my stay? The school has been moved to the new Training Centre and the Training Centre has been launched/set alive and filled with various activities. Moreover the internet was brought to the project area, providing a basic need for international organization and a welcome facility for all coming volunteers. My one year stay in this wonderful place will always stay in my mind and in my heart as one of the most formative and instructive experience of my live.

Laurence McCormick, United Kingdom: laurencemc(at)
Laurence Laurence I spent a couple of summers over in Honduras and being a teacher (in England), I was expecting to spend most of my time teaching at the ABC Honduras Primary School. But teaching is not only about sharing your own knowledge, it is also about learning from others .. and so I did! What I got to do was much more than I would ever have imagined. From experiencing some of the local people’s lives to getting the school at the Training Centre ready for the first opening, I got involved in a diverse range of projects within ABC Honduras where I was able to get great satisfaction from helping out wherever I could. I came back filled of unforgettable memories of the children, their families, the ABC Team and all the other great people I met over there. I will also never forget this poor but incredible and magnificent country. After my first visit in Honduras, I joined the European team and opened the British branch of ABC Honduras (ABC Honduras GB) where I have continued my involvement by finding UK based sponsors. My time in Honduras was very fulfilling and I look forward to returning there one day soon.

(2006/07) Henning, Germany
    Sometimes I feel like a veteran when I start to talk about Honduras over and over again. So many memories stick to my mind that I can hardly belief I just spend one year in the ABC project. A year that was not at all as I expected it to be. A year that turned out to be extremely exciting, fun, informative, challenging and rewarding at the same time. As an ABC volunteer you have to deal with a lot of responsibility, which combined with enough commitment gives you the possibility to push the whole project to new boundaries. ABC-Honduras definitely became a part of me and I became a part of ABC-Honduras!

(2005/06) Ferdinand Stenglein, Germany

(2010) Anne Wegmann, Switzerland: annewegi(at)
Anne Anne

I’ve been here for three months now – and I feel very happy with my project. The nature in this region is absolutely amazing, people are very friendly and warm-hearted, and the kids are great! Already now I feel it will be an unforgettable experience. I’ve already learned a lot about Honduras, its culture, about how things can be a lot different, and others the same all around the world. I’m getting insights on development work, start to understand mechanisms, and enjoy the richness of this most beautiful country. I’ve met so many different people, and am looking forward to the rest of my stay here – time’s flying!